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We are a People Development Consultancy supporting businesses by using an innovative framework that creates greater cohesion, resilience and effectiveness at work.


People are your most adaptable, productive and creative resource.
Except when they are not.


We all feel out of step and unproductive at times. Periods of overwhelm, demotivation, conflict, poor communication and lack of clarity result in less effective and resilient people – at all levels of an organisation. Most times, these struggles are attributed to external factors such as a heavy workload, a difficult colleague, an uninspiring project, deadlines and other pressures, and a host of other day-to-day business challenges. From this perspective, it looks perfectly logical for organisations and individuals to look to fix the issue by changing the outside circumstance. Sometimes this is helpful in the short term.

But without a change from inside the human mind, these strategies are often slow going, hard work, temporary and don’t lead to sustainable,
effective results.

This is where we come in.


The Inside-out Framework helps individuals, teams and companies realise the true source of change, thereby unleashing their innate potential more of the time. Sustainable change always begins from inside the mind. The Framework explores the fundamental architecture of how people operate psychologically and is based on core principles that:

Apply universally to all the people of your organisation

Operate at a fundamental level, creating lasting and sustainable capacity

Are easy to implement and highly empowering

The Inside-out Framework generates change from the inside, creating solutions that were previously invisible. This is achieved through a process of:

By questioning and gathering knowledge we get to know your world and understand the challenges you and your people are facing. We then suggest a solution that may take the form of an in-depth group programme, 1-1 sessions with select employees, leadership coaching or a bespoke offering in line with what will be most helpful to you.

We explore the powerful yet often overlooked inside-out understanding and its implications in depth, showing how change on the inside is what
creates change on the outside. Seeing how the mind works and where barriers to internal change lie, frees the mind to be flexible, creative, responsive, resilient and collaborative in any environment.

The challenge will be explored through this new understanding, enabling you to insightfuly address and resolve people issues in a long-term, sustainable way, with greater ease and less effort.

Our aim is sustainable and impactful results for your people and your business. We therefore work closely with you to ensure that specific outcomes are being generated in real time.

Expected outcomes
Increased resilience of leaders and employees
Increased capacity to embrace change
Increased motivation and morale
Increased clarity, creativity and innovation
Increased cohesion and collaboration
Reduced levels of stress and burn-out

Our conviction lies in knowing that there are principles which explain how people function. Our confidence lies in knowing that uncovering these fundamental principles will reveal how all members of your organisation can perform at their best more of the time.  

The Inside-out Framework is rooted in the Three Principles explanation of human functioning. Over the past 40 years, it has been used with great effect in the fields of business, education, healthcare, psychology and coaching in organisations and companies of all shapes and sizes across North America, the UK and Europe.

Jeremy Bogush


Jeremy Bogush (Founding Partner) is a successful business leader who founded and developed an international recruitment company which grew into a highly successful operation with 70 staff, multiple offices and a multi-million pound turnover. He successfully exited in 2017 in order to turn his professional focus towards enabling other companies to solve challenging people problems and achieve extraordinary success. Having worked with clients across the globe, including Facebook, Sainsburys, Sky and many innovative start-ups, Jeremy has had significant exposure to a wide variety of sectors and is highly experienced in strategy, people management and organisational leadership and structure.

Mobile: +44 (0) 7813 822020

Brian Rubenstein


Brian Rubenstein (Founding Partner) holds an MBA from Cass Business School and extensive experience in consulting, team dynamics, operations management, organisational and individual psychology and leadership development. He previously spent a number of years in senior roles at a global financial services company where he saw first-hand the keys –and barriers – to the capacity to thrive and resolve human challenges at an individual, group and organisational level. Brian is also involved in a non-profit organisation addressing young people’s challenges in the areas of resilience and wellbeing and is the co-author of two books that explore the built-in psychological architecture and potential of all people.

Mobile: +44 (0) 7966 755070

Julia Rebholz

Associate Director

Julia has an extensive background in strategy, M&A, large scale transformation and sustainable business. She has held a number of senior positions at Centrica, a FTSE 100 energy company. There she led high profile activities such as the £2.2bn purchase of British Energy and a series of transactions and integrations in North America. Julia also created the first energy corporate impact fund Ignite, investing £10m over 10 years in social energy entrepreneurs that has now been scaled to £100m. She is recognized as pioneer in Sustainable Business and wrote the practitioners guide to corporate innovation, investment and collaboration. Julia is also the co-founder of Performance Purpose Group, a Senior Advisor to the Blueprint for Better Business, has advised the government on Mission Led Business and was part of the Cambridge Capitalism on the Edge lecture series.

Mobile: +44 (0) 07976 727396

Terry Rubenstein


Terry is recognised as a pioneer in educating people about how the mind works. She has impacted countless through her seminars, workshops, online webinars, consulting sessions and writings and made significant contributions to the world of education, business and mental health. She is the founder and Head of Education for Innate Health and is the originator of the innovative IHEART project for young people. Terry is also the author of the ground-breaking bestseller Exquisite Mind as well as the recently published The Peach Who Thought She Had to Be a Coconut, which explores the seminal ideas and logic underpinning Orah’s consulting philosophy.

Mobile: +44 (0) 7967 037759


The Inside-out understanding also applies beyond the world of business, profoundly impacting individuals, schools, communities and society as a whole. Seeing this impact first-hand, we have chosen to work closely with and support the charitable activities of IHEART, an innovative project that works with young people in order to realise the vision of uncovering resilience in the next generation.

Click here to find out more about IHEART project.

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